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The Indigenous Security Based Messaging & Networking System (ISMNS) is not just another secure messaging system. The ISMNS is unique in more ways than one with features that allow totally secure communications (audio, video, graphics, alpha-numeric text) in the most complex and adverse environments. The significant aspects of the ISMNS, which set it apart from any other application in the secure messaging genre, are:-

  • ISMNS ensures real time communications – with very low latency – even in situations where only 10% of the normal frequency bandwidth is available because of atmospheric disruptions, jamming by inimical agencies etc.
  • Communications are encrypted and transmitted via secure tunnels. A completely secure mode is ensured with two factor authentication, symmetric/ asymmetric keys all operating on captive algorithms which are not amenable to being duplicated. Additional protection is afforded by way of key pointers that identify the sender and recipient at the two ends before the encrypted transmission is actually commenced. Video content is encrypted using Streaming Cipher.
  • The ISMNS is functional across platforms like Windows, LINUX, Red Hat, Ubuntu, Android (jelly bean, icecream sandwich) (2x and 4x versions) and software defined radio (SDR).
  • The application operates over mobile handsets, radios, landlines, GSM, CDMA and satellite frequencies.
  • ISMNS is completely scalable, in terms of voice, text, images, graphics and audio as also in terms of nodes and users. The ISMNS is operable in completely mobile situations and from mobile platforms with sophisticated access controls and ID protocols that render it impossible for even a user to join the network outside the station allocated to him.
  • ISMNS is the most complete and reliable secure messaging solution for Businesses with national/ global footprints and offices/ projects/ stations/ sites/ branches that are widely scattered over similar or different environments. Examples would include sectors like oil & gas, mining, banking, insurance, shipping, airlines, railroads, trucking, plantations, warehousing and hotel chains.
  • The ISMNS is singularly suited to meet the complex and demanding requirements of government agencies like the defense forces, counter terrorist outfits, crime fighting departments, border management, coast guard, civil defense and forest guards.

ISMNS Working Diagram



ISMNS in Battle Field Situation

ISMNS in Global Oil Company environment

ISMNS in Global Chain Store Environment

ISMNS in Country's Internal & VIP Security