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What is ISMNS?

The Indigenous Security Based Messaging & Networking System (ISMNS)  is a secure messaging system that efficiently transmits encrypted data, even in adverse environments.

There are many products like ISMNS present in market, what is so unique about it?

The ISMNS is unique in more ways than one with features that allow totally secure communications (audio, video, graphics, alpha-numeric text) in the most complex and adverse environments. It ensures real time communication with very low latency , even in situations where only 10% of the normal frequency bandwidth is available because of atmospheric disruptions, jamming by inimical agencies etc.

What is SSL?

Secure Socket Layer (SSL), is a cryptographic protocol that provide communication security over the internet.

Does it support multiple platforms?

Yes, ISMNS supports platforms like Windows, LINUX, Red Hat, Jelly Bean, Android (2x and 4x versions), Linux (Ubuntu, Mint, Fedora) and software defined radio (SDR).

How does it perform 'assured delivery'?

ISMNS performs ‘assured delivery’ through repeated attempts and automated network re-routing in case of failure.

What are the fields other than Defence and Homeland securities, ISMNS can be found useful?

ISMNS is the most complete and reliable secure messaging solution for Businesses with national/ global footprints and offices/ projects/ stations/ sites/ branches that are widely scattered over similar or different environments. It can be used efficiently in sectors like oil & gas, mining, banking, insurance, shipping, airlines, railroads, trucking, plantations, warehousing and hotel chains.

Are there any scalability constraints with ISMNS?

No, ISMNS is highly scalable, in terms of voice, text, images, graphics and audio as also in terms of nodes and users.

How exactly does ISMNS secure my communications?

It uses optimized methodologies including

(a) recourse to asymmetric keys or ePKI for encryption at requirement levels; (b) routing and band width utilization techniques to achieve low latencies despite encryption;

(c) deploying key pointers to identify sender and recipient prior to releasing the message through the encrypted tunnel;

(d) employs escalation and granular logging techniques to ensure that no communication remains unattended and functional reviews are effective;

(d) ensuring not only alphanumeric but also graphic, GIS, video and audio encryption and

(e) assuring work station integrity.

How long does the ISMNS take to install?

Though the ISMNS can be made available off the shelf, usually the basic product has to be customized to suit individual client requirements depending on the degree and kind of privacy required in networking and communications, the user environment, the number and geographical distribution of nodes and the numbers of users. Even in the most complex situations (like oil & gas, mining, banking, consulting, financial companies with global spreads) the system would usually be up and running in 12 to 16 months’ time.